Welcome to Encourage Sisters


Encourage Sisters is a place for us to nuture encouragement in our walk as children of God. We are told many times and in many ways throughout God’s word to encourage one another. Sadly, this is very lacking in a visible way for many of us.


Encourage Sisters is just that – encouragement! You can do this in your virtual world (leave a comment, share a link, praise someone and show support by your words and actions) and in your face-to-face life in the same way.


What are some ways to encourage someone? You probably know many, if you think you are stuck, think of what would encourageyou!


Sisters we need encouragement! It is the water that can save us from drought! It is the sunshine on a cloudy day. It is the reminder that we dont’ walk alone. It is also a very powerful witness!


How often have you been to a faith writing sister or brother’s blog and found no comments? Zero. Not one encouraging word. And yet those faithful brothers and sisters keep writing, even if they believe it is for a holy audience of One! They encourage us, and we should encourage them back!


Encouragement is something we can do in our daily walk. We can encourage in so many ways, and we often do, but we need to be intentional about it. We need to make a point of encouraging one another.


That is what this group is about, and I’m going to be doing a blog as well. We can, and should, encourage each other. It is one way we can minister to one another and to witness to others.


I’m honoured you are here with us and look forward to hearing about who you are encouraging.


Feel free to share your pages, links and ideas. We need to encourage each other, and those around us. It may mean the world to someone, and you won’t even know it!


Encouragement Sisters are on Facebook with a group, please join us in the ministry of intentional encouragement!  Brothers you are welcome too!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Encourage Sisters

  1. Wow, what a fantastic and beautiful job you did on this site, Shanyn (ummm….like THAT should surprise me?? LOL!). I’m so happy that you have decided to do this, and I look forward how this lovely place will encourage and bless us in the coming days and weeks!! Thanks for your heart, your obvious hard work and effort here, Shanyn!

    Many blessings,
    Pam M.

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