Lifting a heart

Psalm 10:17, “You, LORD, hear the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry”

These past few weeks God has brought me to a place where I could help someone.  It started out as a small thing.  Giving someone something they needed – a ride.  Just twice week.  For safety.  For peace of mind. For grace.

It has grown. Into a friendship. Into a trust. Into a place where we learn about each other.

I never really thought about what God does when He hears our cries but now I know.  He sends a brother or sister in Christ.  He moves a heart.  He moves wheels.

Yesterday broke my heart, and at the same time built it up.

She needed a ride to town.  With the her grandson.  She had to go to the pawn shop. With his violin.  To buy groceries she’d give up, even for a week, something precious. To care for this child as she promised to do she was willing to sacrifice for him.  Learning anew her love for Jesus she was holding the ends up for Him to tie back together.

I looked at that old, much loved instrument and my heart cried.  I said, put it back.  I’ll take you shopping. Pay me back when you can.

And we did.  And we talked as the boys laughed in the backseat.  We learned about each other.  We ministered to each other.

What we gave each other was sister time, friendship, and respect.  Even in the need we gave each other respect.

I got a chance to be the someone who could help.  The person I wish I had known in my life so many times, I got to be!  God blessed me richly yesterday.

Most importantly though, was the encouragement she and I gave each other.  Intentionally building each other up through sisterhood, through a love of Jesus and of the children we care for.  She was encouraged, and I was too.

In God’s grand scheme of things I’m praying that those encouraging words and bags of groceries, and the violin still on the shelf blesses her and continues to encourage her as she rebuilds from the ruins.  I’m encouraged by her spirit.


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