Encourage One Another

Ephesians 6:22
I am sending him to you for this very purpose, that you may know how we are, and that he may encourage you.


How wonderful would that be?  To have someone send a letter with you, or ahead of you, saying that you are there to encourage someone!  To be a person who, with intent, encourages.

Encourages someone to pray.

Encourages someone to seek stillness.

Encourages someone to let go of guilt that isn’t theirs.

Encouraging someone to act in faith.

Encouraging the difficult people. 

The hurting people.

The angry people.

The walking wounded who may only hear one encouraging word  and it could be your mouth that is speaking God’s love to them. Encouraging them.


We can encourage in so many ways, but how many of us seek to encourage intentionally?  Really. Be honest.


Like sunshine peeking out from behind a dark storm cloud, your words of encouragement can be a ray of light. Of hope. The one thing that someone needs to keep going.  Godly encouragement seeks to serve.   This is foot washing. This is hope building. This is God living in our words and actions. This is NOT easy.


Encouraging someone can be hard. It isn’t easy finding the good. We all know that struggle. How much harder to encourage someone to good.  


I encourage you to share. To step out of that comfort zone and encourage someone today.  Someone you don’t know. Someone who can’t pay you back. Someone who needs a kind word. It could be the only one they hear.



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